Monday, May 24, 2010

Samsung Galaxy S, Has The Best Multi-Touch Screen Ever?

cool demo of multi touch compared to the Nexus One. this could be T-Mobile USA's superstar if a Sidekick-like HTC device doesn't pan out.

via Android Community by David Junior on 5/24/10

Multi-touch is a deciding factor for a lot of people when considering their next mobile phone. Android has not been known to be the best in this area. Most notable, the nexus One, has been perceived as having a subpar multi-touch display. Until know we’ve always heard that you have to choose between having a beautiful display or a very accurate multi-touch display. Samsung has brought them both together in the Galaxy S.

The screen on the Galaxy S is manufactured by a company named Atmel. The technical name for this display is the Atmel maXTouch, and this screen can handle up to 16 points simultaneously. It has a response time of 7 milliseconds which is 2-3 times faster than current multi-touch displays. This screen is expected to drastically limit or even eliminate miss touches, aka having your hand on the edge of the screen unknowingly.

I am more and more impressed with this phone with every new tidbit of information that gets uncovered. This is probably the most unrated device of all time. If the “Hummingbird” GPU lives up to its rumors, which it most likely will since we’ve seen it in action, this will probably be the best handset of any kind on the market. Samsung is really good at making processors so the 1GHZ in this phone could pack in a few surprises as well. I can’t wait to see this device stateside, in the mean time checkout the touch screen demo performed by Frandroid.

Click here to view the embedded video.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jettison the tight jeans legal furphy | Herald Sun

AUSTRALIA has been put on the international legal map over a court case involving the bizarre question of whether jeans can be a barrier to rape.

Nicholas Gonzales, 23, was recently acquitted of rape after a jury raised questions about how his alleged victim's jeans came to be removed.

The woman testified that she had met Gonzales in a Sydney bar and accompanied him to his flat to listen to some music - but said he overpowered and raped her there.

Gonzales argued the sex was consensual and that the woman, who weighs a mere 42kg, was wearing tight jeans that would be difficult to remove without her collaboration.

After Gonzales was found not guilty he applied for his costs to be paid by the state. In dismissing his application, the judge this week said she found the medical evidence of sexual assault "compelling" and pointed out that Dr Rosemary Isaacs had examined the complainant and found evidence of physical trauma.

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Do we therefore surmise that the jury found the "jeans defence" more relevant than medical evidence of trauma to the woman's genital area?

The verdict has outraged women's groups. As Veronica Wensing, chair of the National Association of Services Against Sexual Violence says, rape has nothing to do with what a woman is wearing.

Her view strikes me as blindingly obvious. Are we to assume that women invite rape if they wear a dress - thus making things easier for would-be rapists?

What's more, does anyone really imagine that every time a woman tries on a pair of jeans in a shop that she has to ask for an assistant to "collaborate" with her to take them off?

While the "jeans defence" sounds farcical, it is not without precedent.

We can trace its origin to a rape trial in Italy in 1992 when an 18-year-old student alleged her 45-year-old driving instructor drove her to an isolated spot, threw her to the ground, pulled her jeans from one leg and then savagely raped her. The man was eventually convicted and sentenced to more than two years in jail.

But in 1999, the Supreme Court of Italy overturned his conviction on the grounds that "it is nearly impossible to slip off tight jeans even partly without the active collaboration of the person who is wearing them".

The consequences of this are sickening. Two years ago, an Italian man tried using the jeans defence after being charged with sexually assaulting his 16-year-old stepdaughter.

While he was unsuccessful, it is clear that rapists had got the message they could treat as fair game any girl or woman wearing jeans. Fortunately, Italian law has finally caught on to the fact that jeans are not a form of chastity belt.

What astonishes me is that while female politicians have joined "Jeans Are Not An Alibi" protests across Europe and the United States, Australia's women politicians aren't up in arms about the jeans defence being successfully used here.

Where are the likes of Julia Gillard, Penny Wong, Julie Bishop and Christine Milne? Why aren't they doing what female legislators and political leaders in other countries have done and paraded themselves in their jeans on the steps of Parliament?

How about it, girls - a Jeans For Justice Day?


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Friday, May 7, 2010

Robert Downey Jr's Iron Man 2 Oldschool Workout: Kettlebells, Indian Clubs, Sledgehammers, A 700lb Wheel Barrow and a Fire Hose - Lose Stubborn Fat!


For the first Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. and his trainer Brad Bose did pretty straight up heavy barbell work for five months prior to shooting.

At 5'8" and 170lbs, Robert Downey Jr. needed to look strong, though not huge like other Marvel characters.  After all, he does have that killer Iron Man suit to do the fighting for him.


Between Iron Man 1 and Iron Man 2, Robert Downey Jr. leaned up hard
to play Sherlock Holmes

The problem was that for Sherlock Holmes he'd had to cut down to 151lbs.  On top of that, he was bored to death with his current training program.

Robert said, "If I have to get underneath a bench press or a squat, I'm going to shoot myself. I just don't have the motivation."

So his trainer Brad Bose put together a mixed bag of hard core oldschool training tools to get that 20 pounds of muscle back:

  1. Kettlebells
  2. Indian Clubs
  3. Meels (like bigger, heavier Indian clubs)
  4. A Wheelbarrow
  5. Two Fire Hoses, one filled with water, one filled with sand
  6. SUV Tires
  7. Sledgehammer

With these oldschool training tools, one an a half out workouts three days per week, and drastically increasing Robery Downey Jr.'s protein and caloric intake, they managed to bulk him up to 175lbs in 4 weeks, during shooting!

They'd fill the wheelbarrow up with 600 or 700lbs of weight plates, then push it around an obstacle course.

Robert Downey Jr. would swing the Indian Clubs and Meels.  This is the first of his old school training implements.  And I mean OLD SCHOOL.

They got a tractor tire, and he'd hit it with sledgehammers, everything from a 4lb sledge in each hand, up to a 20 lb sledgehammer.

Looks simple, but sledgehammer training is deceptively intense full body workout.

The fire hoses they'd whip around the same way some boot camps use battling ropes:

Robert Downey Jr's fire hoses were filled with water or sand, making them even heavier and harder to manage. 

While whipping that fire hose around looks fairly simple and straightforward, most people would be shocked at how much energy it takes to make that happen.  You'll find your heart rate goes through the roof after only 10 or 15 seconds.

While I've never thrown any SUV tires like Robert Downey Jr. did, I've thrown plenty of other heavy things.  My favorite thing to throw would be a kettlebell:

Throwing things is an AWESOME workout.  And for someone who is an advanced kettlebell lifter, with a strong, powerful hip snap, and really effectively drives from the glutes, these kettlebell throws are amazing.

That being said, if you have ANY issues with your form, you can really jack yourself up doing this.  I'd strongly recommend getting some training from an RKC Certified Trainer before doing kettlebell throwing workouts.

Pulling a weighted sled is an awesome pulling workout!  If you're getting bored with your pullup routine and need a change, pulling a weighted sled from a heavy rope is the awesomeness:

By now you know I'm a huge fan of kettlebell training.  What's so powerful about kettlebell workouts is that they are so totally full body. 

You could add any of these tools to your current training program, and watch your conditioning go through the roof.

If you work out at home, it's usually not to big a deal to bring home some sledgehammers and a tire to hit.  At the 24 Hour Fitness, it might be a little harder.

An easy way to bring this into your current program would be to have 2 gym workout days per week, and 2 home or park workouts per week.

The reason that old school, full body training works is because it is SO MUCH WORK.  There isn't any magic to it.  It's just a brutal, full body ass kicking.

And at the same time that he's building his body with old school strength training, Robert Downey Jr. is keeping his mind balanced and focused with martial arts.



If we all need a way to keep our head on straight, Wing Chun is how Robert Downey Jr keeps it together.  And his career has exploded in these last few years he's done Wing Chun. 

It's a physical discipline that he uses to keep is emotional and spiritual life in check.

by Josh Hillis, RKC2, CPT, PES, MRS, MIS


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Good stuff. Throwing kettlebells looks fun!

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Official Google Mobile Blog: Google's new look for mobile

Review: Motorola Backflip (AT&T) – Our First-Ever Do Not Buy Rating

We have taken the bold step today of saying that you shouldn’t buy a phone. Read more to find out why the Motorola Backflip, and AT&T’s policy on Android phones, has driven us to this important decision.

We’ve been reviewing our review policies, and today are introducing four new ratings that will replace our five point scale. And, they are: Top Pick, Good Buy, Mediocre, to Do Not Buy. We feel this new rating system will help give you a quick, simple choice in what devices and gadget to purchase down the road. But, that does mean sometimes also rubbing the industry the wrong way, and it’s probably best to do that right now.

A full review of the Motorola Backflip isn’t necessary for us to tell you to not buy it. Why? Because we feel so strongly that Android phones that cannot allow unsigned software are damaging to the industry. They stifle innovation and make sure your phone won’t be able to run The Next Big Thing… unless gatekeepers in the industry permit it to do so.

Google and the OHA designed Android to not have gatekeepers. But, as it is Open Source Software, device makers can overrule Google. In this case, the carrier, AT&T, has chosen to do just that. They have demanded that Motorola remove the Backflip’s ability to run unsigned applications from the device.

Unsigned software, for those that aren’t fully aware, is software that is released independently from any type of App Store. It allows people to offer applications that take advantage of the open pipe that the internet offers, and use it for any purpose. Carriers don’t like that, because they want to control applications that demand many resources. They also have a competitive standpoint to regain in the “home portal” arena, as many carriers are attempting to (re-re-re)launch their own App Stores.

Because of all this, you should stay as far away from the Motorola Backflip as possible. We do note that this limitation does not apply to similarly-designed Motorola phones, such as the CLIQ line of devices or Backflip models on other carriers.

Worse, AT&T does not make any notation of these limitations… something that Bluetooth phone manufacturers have been required to do via class action lawsuits related to false advertising. We hope that AT&T someday realizes that it must explain to customers these limitations, before they purchase the phone. Simply put, an Android phone that isn’t able to run unsigned code, shouldn’t be advertised as an Android phone.

For those looking to use an Android phone on AT&T, we suggest the AT&T-compatible version of the Nexus One from Google. Because it is released outside the control of AT&T, it does not suffer from these anti-Android limitations. In addition, Palm appears to have successfully avoided such restraints from the upcoming Palm Pre and Palm Pixi family of phones that will soon be launching on AT&T.

We expect to review each and every Android phone on AT&T similarly, until AT&T choses to change this policy.

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